Jayme Ann Hykes

Jayme Ann Hykes Receives Navy Commission,

Class of 2015

Jayme Ann Hykes, a 2014 graduate of Indian Valley High School, recently graduated with honors from Alderson Broaddus University (ABU) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing.

In her junior year at ABU she applied for, and received, one of the prestigious Naval Nursing Academy awards given to only 30 students across the United States. The award was given as a result of her personal letter to the Navy, faculty recommendations and her strong academic record. This award also included stipends for the completion of her BSN, and was the first such award given in the long history of Alderson Broaddus University’s nursing program.

In July of 2019, she passed her State Boards, and in a ceremony held in Wheeling, WV, Ensign Hykes received her commission as an officer in the United States Navy.

As part of her Naval requirements, she attended a 5-week Officer Development School (ODS) in Newport, Rhode Island, and graduated on October 18, 2019. At the close of the Officer Development School, she was one of three officers who had speaking presentations at the official buffet ceremony for 300 family members and guests of the 85 graduates.

Ensign Hykes is stationed at the Naval Hospital in Jacksonville, FL. Where she reported on October 22, 2019. Her deployment will be for 4 years with many options available to her which will provide further growth and development opportunities.

Ensign Hykes is the daughter of Eric Hykes of New Philadelphia, and the granddaughter of Harold and Alice Shade, also of New Philadelphia.